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ASG created its own fertilzation kit! This specially formulated fertilzer is based off of LieBig's Law of the Minium, and the redfield ratio. It will provide everything your plants need to keep them happy and healthy.


What do I get with this bag? 

Our potassium compound comes in a .5lb or 1.0lb. You need 6tsp per 500ml bottle, so you're going to use this up the fastest if you follow our recipie. Following our recipie you'll get... 

-  .5lbs = 5.41 x (1) 500ml bottle refill

- 1.0lbs = 10.8 x (1) 500ml bottle refill


How do I make more fertilizer? 

Instead of buying a new ASG fert kit, you can simply buy a refill pack which makes it AMAZINGLY cheap to run. If you need all the micros and macros, check out our refill packs here. These are sold as a set to ensure that you don't run out of a single compounds sooner than another. 


What the differece between these bags and the ASG Fertlization Kit?

The ASG fertlizatoin kit comes with 2x 500ml dosing bottles, a funnel, and enough fertlizer to get you started with one refill. Once you use up the salts that come with the kit, you can buy these refill kits on individual compounds to make it even more cost effective! You can check out the ASG fertilizer kit here


Just need some labels for your 500ml dual neck dosing bottles? You can buy just the ASG Macro and Micro labels here. 


Want to see the kit in action, check out our instrcution video here. 

ASG Refill Bags - Potassium (K)

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