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Need plants? We've got you covered!


We wanted to take a second to thank you for checking out our shop!


Our mission is to:

1) Keep all of our education 100% free and accessible to everyone.

2) Become Tropica's #1 US retailer by carrying all of their plants and cups, at all times.

3) Provide excellent customer service to fellow hobbyists.

When you buy from our store, all proceeds go straight back into content development, new ASG products, fun YouTube videos, and even free online courses like the AquascapeGuide University. So, grab a pot or two and help us achieve our mission! And of course, if there is something you'd like that we don't have in stock, let us know and we'll custom order it for you. 

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Need a gift idea for a loved one? There is no one in this hobby that has said "I have enough plants". Give them a gift card and they can order as many plants as they'd like, guilt free!

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